Re: Broke my chesapeake 1

Posted by John in Dallas on Jun 17, 2004

I'm surprised the rear deck broke, because the rear bulkhead, the cockpit coaming and the slight curve of the rear deck should have provided plenty of strength. Anyway,....

If the outside fiberlass is still intact, I would run fiberglass tape or bias-cut 6 oz. cloth along the crack on the inside. Sand the area inside, roll up the fiberglass tape, wet it out with epoxy in a cup, then unroll it along the crack.

If the outside fiberglass is broken or severly whitened, my preference would be sand it down and feather in a fiberglass patch. Maybe do the inside too.

Can you post a photo so we can see the damage?


In Response to: Broke my chesapeake 17!!! by Mike W on Jun 17, 2004