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Posted by Robert Hancock on Jun 17, 2004


here is a note that I sent to someone else, it contains the info.---


got your email thanks. Already got those pages in the canoe shop book. By the way,there is still a mistake on page 3 of the errata sheets (sassafrass 12 ) ( page 42 ).There is a missing measurement on plank 3, centre end ,bottom of plank. The missing measurement is 26 1/16" , the publishers have been notified. The real problem is with page 38 of the canoe shop book which is headed PLANK LAYOUT AND OFFSETS FOR GLUING SCARFS.(sassafrass 12) the measurements supplied are as follows. plank 1- 9/16" plank 2- 7 11/16" plank 3- 7/8" plank 4- 3 13/16" plank 5- 9" One of your kit customers has sent me the correct measurements so I am happy now. Cheers from robert.

So here are the correct measurements.--- Plank 1 is 3/8" Plank 2 is 5-1/8" Plank 3 is 9/16" Plank 4 is 2-11/16" Plank 5 is 6"

Cheers from Robert

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