Re: flush hatch mold

Posted by George on Jun 16, 2004

This particular topic seems to pop up frequently, with lots of good ideas and variations that make good sense. One idea I've had (but haven't had an opportunity of 'run up a flagpole and see who salutes') is to do the single thickness cover (cutout), single thickness 'spacer', sill lip, but then mold in a 'custom fit'layer on the sill, using thickened epoxy. If you take a gander at the one oceans site, they do something similar on their hatches. I don't see how one could do their exact method, as applied to a stripper (they can take their deck off, after all), but I like the idea of putting the gasket on the hatch cover, covering the whole underside of the cover with plastic (saranwrap) and seating it in the thickened epoxy, with the hatch cover taped or strapped exactly in place, level with the surrounding deck. You should have a perfectly sealed hatch cover, easily held in place with your choice (straps/ internal bungies/ magnets/ lid lock). To hold the thickened epoxy in place, would need tape or some such 'dam' on the inner edge of the lip. Someone else here had recommended having the spacer 'stick in' the hatch space a quarter inch, to ensure the hatch cover stays flush. I think my idea would work at least as well. Anyone see any holes in this idea?

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