Re: General S&G Tip

Posted by Mark Camp on Jun 16, 2004

I digress to the comment about ripping wood: The gal who is responsible for all the Minor Decisions in our family* ordered me one of them Japanese combo saws from CLC when she got the boat kit for me as a Christmas present.

Now, did you know, it is actually possible for the average klutz to rip wood without a power tool?? I was amazed! I had always thought that either (a) our species has always had skilled craftsmen available as needed, or possibly that (b) humans had simply limited themselves to only crosscuts before Jim Bob Sears invented the radial arm saw.

Anyway, this is one of those boring sentimental posts about 'try the good old fashioned way and you will find inner peace from the sweet-smelling pine particles in your nostrils blah blah.' It truly is fun, fast, clean, and quiet to rip (and crosscut) wood with those darn saws. Even thin pieces for laminating like you guys are talking about? Yeah, maybe I would even try it for that, with a little sandpaper help to make up for the imperfections.

*(yeah, even after 27 years I'm ready to jump into action if a major one should come up.)

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