Super Glue!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 15, 2004

Frank, go to the supermarket and get some eggs, milk, bread and superglue. Get the regular stuff, you don't want the gel. Put the groceries away, then pour some superglue into the cracks and mop up the excess with a paper towel. Keep the towel moving, and fold it several times... otherwise it will stick you your hands and boat. Then go forth and sin no more (but keep an eye on things).

If you can make the crack open and close the least little bit by manipulating the surrounding structure, then you might add a clamp for an hour or two (overnight is always best). Use a fold of wax paper or any plastic wrap to keep from gluing the clamp to the boat if necessary.

Anyway, that's what I'd do. Except maybe pick up a six-pack of cervesa Tecate while at the supermarket. Or Bud Lite, if you don't care for beer.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Damaged to scarf joint by Frank on Jun 15, 2004