Hatches and Glass

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 15, 2004

Laszlo: yes. Seriously, the end strips ought to be added before glassing so they can be faired in easily. But they're mighty easy to replace if (when) they get rubbed off. Heck, they're even easily retrofitted to a finished boat with a little care.

Joe, might inquire at a cabinet shop, or see if there's a neighbor with a table saw. I would think you could scare something up with a little heavy-duty snooping around.

Allan, I added edge banding to my hatch lids too (see photo). We cabinet makers NEVER leave exposed end grain on plywood. It becomes a reflexive action to cover it up after a while. I used superglue to stick a 3/32 x 1/4 strip around my hatch covers, then planed and sanded flush.

Sometimes the strips need a little steaming to help 'em make the bend. It's easy! Fold a wet washrag over the part that needs bending, and hit it with a the iron set on high. The wet rag-and-iron tool will get used often once you discover its potential. Besides steaming wood (for about a minnit or two), the combo can be used to raise dings and dents in furniture... and make you a hero! Place the wet rag over the dent and hiss it good with the iron set on high, always.

Cheers, Kurt


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