Re: Long/Short Inflatable

Posted by Mac on Jun 14, 2004

Actually Terry, it's "I always wanted a pony, and all I got was this crappy Ford!"

I didn't know this, but the Mustang Survival Company is located in British Columbia, and it seems we Canuks get a decent break on the price.

OK, there has to be a catch right? Good ol' Canadian Tire doesn't sell the re-arming kit, of course, so I go online to find out it'll cost over $30.00 a pop to pull that little tab! (and it's soooo tempting!) Watch the handle get caught in my spray skirt while I'm hot doggin' in front of a bunch of strangers. "Watch me reach WAY out for this sweeping brace, heh heh.." - WHHUUUMPPFF - "what the..." - face plant - general jocularity.

A good thing seems to be that no matter what colour you pick for the suspenders - black, blue, red or camoflage - the inside bladder is bright yellow with SOLAS tape when inflated.

Anyway, it's comfortable, cool and I'll wear it even in conditions where "I don't need one".

Oh, the box didn't say long or short, but it sure doesn't seem long on me. Anyone got an idea of what I can measure to know for sure?


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