Re: deck details

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 13, 2004


Well, I did essentially the same thing at the butt joints. Here is the photo of one of them in progress. The blue painters tape makes the little dams -- I used two layers one on top the other along the sides of the onlay and a single layer on the hull that prevents the epoxy from sliding down the side. Then I dabbed the epoxy in place and topped it off with the two pieces of clear packing tape to push out bubbles and make a nice smooth top layer that required very little sanding.

If I were to do it again I would put the blue tape a little farther away than 1/4" and only use a single layer of tape so there is a smaller bump at the edge. I am working at my flush hatches and coaming right now, so I have not got the deck at the finished stage with varnish. I suspect there will be a bit of a ripple at the edges but I still prefer that to my raggedy scarf joint. Hope this helps.


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