What Timing!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 13, 2004

Dude, I just got through doing as thorough a research into a new PFD as I could manage! So here is my garden-fresh produce for you to enjoy:

First of all, I ended up buying a Lotus Designs "Straight Jacket" from Rutabaga. See the photo and check the link. It's evidently a 2001 model that originally went for some $140 way back then, but today sells for a mere $85. The actual specimen I received was horribly uncomfortable right out of the box, but I am warming up to it pretty well after two days of pretty tough use, thankyouverymuch. Did I mention this report is recent??

I was also told, more than once, that PFDs made for women are the most comfy -- for men! The Kokotat "MsFit" is a top performer in every regard, it seems, at some $140. Our own esteemed John In Dallas sports one to excellent advantage.

I was also told by experts that pockets are good to have. My new PFD has two, but one is pretty large and easy enough to get to.

Finally, what works for one person will be not so hot for the next. This sucks, but hey, that's life. In the end, it seems, it is gonna be anybody's guess which PFD is the right one for you.

Cheers, Kurt


Straight to the Striaght Jacket

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