PFD Features to Look For

Posted by John in Dallas on Jun 13, 2004

For kayak touring, some of the more important PFD features I would look for:

1. Middle zipper. The ones with the side zipper usually means your hat and glasses have to come off every time you put it on, and it's eaiser to forget to zip a side zipper.

2. Plenty of pockets. Need a place for a whistle, compass, and other safety gear, plus glasses, nose plug and more if you're doing coastal kayaking.

3. A high waist. Don't want it to interfere with your sprayskirt or backrest.

4. Side straps and front design that doesn't allow the PFD to ride up to your chin when bobbing around the water with it on.

5. Comfortable. Your more likely to wear it all the time if it fits well.

Personally, I like Kokatat's MsFit Tour. Kokatat has several other good models too.


Kokatat's PFDs

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