This From the KBB

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 13, 2004

The Guillemot Kayak Builders' Board, that is. This post was in response to my recent research (see next post from me):

The August 2002 issue of "Canoe & Kayak" reviewed several PFDs on a variety of criteria (Versatility, Comfort, Ease of ON/Off, Freedom of Movement). The results of their tests were:

PFD: Cost: Overall Rating score: 1) Lotus Designs "Mildwater" $70.00 19.5 2) Voyageur "AF 7.5" $95.00 18 3) Kokatat "Retrofit Tour" $135.00 17.5 4) Palm "On Tour" $150.00 16.5 5) MTI "Nami TOur" $90.00 16 6) Stohlquist "Brik" $135.00 14.5 7) Extrasprot "Volkvest" $45.00 14 Harmony "Universal" $25.00 12.5

The current special summer 2004 issue called "Getting Started" that is on newstands right now also has a number of other brands of PFDs that they tested more recently and reported on. So if anyone else is considering a new PFD they might want to read over that info. Most new PFDs are well made, but some fit better than others and some seem to be more comfortable to wear when sea kayaking. I subscribe to the magazine, but read the special issue while drinking a $4.00 Starbucks in the local Barnes and Noble. I don't feel too cheap about reading their magazines in the store when I buy their coffee.

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