Re: Outriggers

Posted by Sailboy on Jun 11, 2004

If you want to build a sailing kayak then this a fine set-up. You will just have to lug the whole rig around-even when the wind dies, or is head-on.

Most serious kayak sailors don't use them because they don't make best advantage of the qualities of a kayak - nimble and easily paddled, able to snake through narrow passages. There are just too many times when you don't want an outrigger on a kayak. In those cases some of the aftermarket folding/inflating aka/ama arrangements work much better - it all goes into a bag below deck (if you have a reasonably sized boat). There are also sail rigs available that will work nicely on a boat without outriggers - but it won't be a 21" wide kayak. So unless you are looking for an expedition kayak - easy capable of 100+ mile trips you would be better off with two boats, a kayak and a real sailboat. Costs and fun factor are more favorable. Just my opinion. SB

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