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Posted by Frank in NH on Jun 11, 2004

Goucho, I had the same decision between the EP and the Skerry. I built the Pram because it looked easier for one person. I love it.

However I have since helped two of my friends build Skerry's and now I know that the Skerry would not have been that much harder to do.

But I did learn a lot about handling epoxy that helped a heck of a lot when we built the Skerry's.

In the end you have to ask yourself if you are going to really use the Pram. If yes, then build it first and when it is almost done, order the LT17!

You always should have at least one boat building project underway, it is the secret of long life!

Or as an enterprising company in Maine says: "Life's too short to own an ugly boat!"


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