Re: Kayak storage

Posted by Bill Cooke on Jun 11, 2004


I rigged up a very inexpensive method of suspending my WR18 from the roof of my shop - I bought a hanging rig for bicycles (includes pullies, mounting brackets, holders and rope, $15; rated for 125 pounds) and an additional pully ($1.75). The mounting backets are bolted to the center beam in the roof about 10 feet apart. I made two 1" nylon webs with eyelets to circumvent the bow and stern. The Additional pulley is mounted on a rafter near a wall. When I store the yak I put the webbing around each end and attach the eyelets to the hooks and easily pull it up out of the way (about 8 feet). I don't have to fool with clamps, knots, ladders or anything else. This is a cheap and effective solution for me - My wife was not too happy about having the yak taking occupying up her side of the garage!!!


In Response to: Kayak storage by AllanG on Jun 10, 2004