like fishing,,it was BIG

Posted by LeeG on Jun 10, 2004

and like wave height or fishing you can usually half the anecdotal number when measuring devices are brought into the picture. But in this case 22mph breeze is a realistic figure for discovering significant handling characteristics. It's kind of funny in that you could paddle two kayaks in a 5mph breeze in flat water and they'd both have similar weathercocking charactistics,,,as the wind picks on one could have weathercocking increase in a linear fashion and the other exponentially. One hull could be more responsive to a lean,,and the other could have pivot point and bow shape that exacerbated the weathercocking tendency in waves that were not evident on flat water. But you'd never know it until both were taken out into 15-20mph winds.

Extrapolating from 5mph breezes or 8" chop doesn't always work into 15-20mph or 18" waves.

The Current Designs Caribou or Dagger Meridian are generally recognized as good handling hulls,,,but they aren't sold without skegs anymore.

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