MAGIC Paddles

Posted by Mac on Jun 10, 2004

And handbuilt paddles! Kick it up a notch. Paddle your homebuilt with a paddle you built, glassed, epoxied, varnished, sanded yourself - BAM! I'm getting the (now) expected "Ooohh, you built it yourself?" for the boat, and then "And the paddle too?!?!"

There is a lady who has been woodburnibg designs into paddles up here for many years (One of her creations was presented to Pierre Trudeau while he was Prime Minister).

I plan to keep building paddles until I get one as close to perfect as I can, and send it (unvarnished) to her for one-of-a-kind artwork.

Interesting item: I've recently been communicating with her, and she mentioned that many customers are now requesting a tung oil finish - no varnish. (Obviously no epoxy on these paddles).

Anyone who may be interested in looking at her site: Her examples are canoe, but she does kayak.