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Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jun 9, 2004

Great slogan. I fear that I'm hooked on boat building. Here are some possible reasons:

• CREATE-ivity - Meaning that at the end of the project you have created something you can enjoy. • Pride - The finished product is something you can admire and look forward to using (thanks to CLC for designing such awesome kits. • Accomplishment - All of the trepidation, thinking, blood, sweat and tears help raise the feeling of success to extraordinary levels. • Optimism - The next boat will come out even better as you try new ideas, techniques and personalizations. • Tailoring - These boats are highly tailored for speed, touring, carrying capacity, sailing or rowing. Having a few boats for specific purposes is really cool. • Sharing - Kayaking a hand-made wooden boat is so fulfilling we want to share it with loved ones.

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