You Said It

Posted by Mac on Jun 9, 2004

so well!

My very first time in a kayak, ever, was 3 weeks ago in my 1st home built wooden boat.

Regulars on this forum remember all too well my fears and trepidations leading up to the launch, and they patiently talked me through every doubt.

The boat was more than kind, and even though I found I didn't know how to paddle a kayak properly, I was exstatic. The next day I switched yaks with my nephew who has a Wilderness Systems Tempest 175 - a snazzy, high tech little craft. Guess what? HE had an epiphany and I was just glad I didn't dump the plastic. I now have an order to build him an Okoume craft. I'll see if I can talk him into an Artic Hawk.

The point? If you built it yourself, you'll love it, and even if your uncle built it - you'll love it. There is so much of the builder in it, it has a palpable life. Think of the MILES your fingertips have traced over that kayak through sanding seven or eight odd layers of glass, epoxy, paint and varnish. How could you not be part of that boat?

In Response to: Oh Boy, THAT'S Easy! by Kurt Maurer on Jun 9, 2004