Oh Boy, THAT'S Easy!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 9, 2004

It's because you are able to build a beautiful thing that truly comes to LIFE!

I'm on the other side of the fence from most of y'all, in that I routinely build useful stuff, and always have. Model airplanes and boats (as a younger guy), household and shop furniture and fixtures, and most notably, large astronomical telescopes... and God knows what all else I can't even think of at the moment (watching Reagan's cortege on TV)...

But these boats are the damndest things. They really, really, come to LIFE, and the feeling they send up the spine as they take you over the waves, or glide you over silky smooth waters, just beats anything and everything I have ever experienced. And probably you too.

In short, I say it is because a homemade boat contains MAGIC.

Cheers, Kurt


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