Re: Spraydeck for MilCree

Posted by RogerJ on Jun 9, 2004

Doug, The open cockpit on my 50/50 will probably exceed 5ft. One of the other builders shared with me (last night) that he is building a wooden spray deck for his 50/50. He has not yet sent any photos over. I know there are some well published "50/50" canoe drivers who do have spray decks, some removable. That way you can set up to forseeable conditions. My original suggestion, with battens or f'glass tent rods as support would be something you could roll up and carry with you, it'd be ok for rain and spray from the occasional jet ski. I wouldn't want to tempt waves tho'. Fabric could be marine upholstery vinyl or the heavier stuff they make tonneau covers from. Putting a lip on the coming should not be difficult. Run a flexible strips around the exterior of the coming, maybe laminate a couple with alternating light and dark woods and make it pretty. Have fun with the idea. RogerJ

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