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Posted by CDR. on Jun 9, 2004

I painted all my kayaks (4) with automotive paint (PPG Omni) and they turned out beautifully. I would recommend this method if you have access to a compressor and gun etc... With respect to wear and tear, Kyle is right that every kayak will get scratched at some point and they will need to be refinished.

I have 4 boats now, the latest will get dunked this weekend but the other 3 are 4-5 years old and over time all 3 have taken some abuse. Each year I take one boat and commit to repaint it over the winter so that they get a new paint job every 3 years (now every 4) and that seems to be just about right. The worst one of the bunch is usually the one painted about 3 years ago while the best looking one is about one year out of the "paint booth".

Tom makes a good point that a lot of the colors available are metallic but you can still find some simple base coats that look great. My boats are white, forest green, fleet yellow and corvette red. None are metallic and I continue to get compliments whenever I have them out.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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