Re: Spraydeck for MilCree

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 9, 2004

"Not to be a party-pooper ... but ... if you're taking the boat out in conditions where you really need a spray skirt, you probably have the wrong boat for the conditions."

First thing I thought too. Well, second thing, actually. Y'see, with really large cockpits, I always think of the Texas Water Safari gang. The TWS, billed as "The World's Toughest Race", is a 260 mile paddling competition that that sports a 100 hour deadline just to qualify as having actually finished the course. Anyway, lots of those guys and gals eschew hard decks in favor of fabric ones as competitive weight saving measures. Do it all the time.

But back to reality: it occurred to me, as the third thing I thought about, that a spray deck might be a nice thing to have if you anticipate operating in rainy weather. So what I suggest for anyone wanting protection ideas for large cockpits, canoes, or who just like looking at radical racing boats, to search for Texas Water Safari competitor and builder websites. I'm tellin' ya: the TWS is a huge underground culture of fanatics around these parts. Should be lots of stuff to see.

Me, I avoid all of it like the plague, so I don't know much other'n what I just told you. I live in mortal dread of it catching my interest...

Cheers, Kurt

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