Re: Spraydeck for MilCree

Posted by Baldwon on Jun 8, 2004

I have checked into this a little. There is a company in seattle called at this site:

The will custom make one for you if you give the specifications however I have decided to not go that route for these two reasons: 1. I will need to make some sort of lip to go around the whole opening, and that will take some enginuity. 2. If you have two people - is it really practical to have one? 3. What if you need to take it off for a wet exit? How would you design something that you can reach and pull the whole thing off quickly?

My thoughts on it are not to go that route because it is not practical. If spray is an issue, I would look into devising some other material that would partially cover me, but would still leave the opening exposed to some water.

In Response to: Spraydeck for MilCreek 16 by Doug on Jun 8, 2004