Rolling Photos for Mac!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 8, 2004

Okay, Mac... here ya go! This bunch of pictures kinda stink, just as most of my rolls did. Let's face it: I've had better days. Hell, I still feel lucky I even got home at all...

Leslie was impressed because I actually rolled, but if LeeG had been there he'd have been sadly shaking his head. Probably doing it anyway just looking at the photo below. Ooooh baby! What tech-NEEK!! Sheeeesh.

We'll get some better photos soon, and in them I will be showing off my NEW PFD!!! A Lotus Designs Straight Jacket (appropriately enough), anyone know anything about 'em? As some of you know, I actually managed to LOSE my PFD yesterday (God-A-Mighty -- I STILL can't believe it!!!!!!).

Cheers, Kurt

Handling My Sea Kayak