35kph wind

Posted by LeeG on Jun 8, 2004

your impressions are similar to mine but I never had the chance to get it into wind that strong to determine handling, for under 10mph breeze it seemed fine,I've been in wind that strong only a few times in a few different kayaks and it's hard to make way let alone control a kayak. Once the breeze starts pushing 15-20mph then low windage AND hull shape become important. Low aft decks in and of themselves mean nothing compared to what's in the water. In 35kph every wave top is blown off with horizontal spray. Is that what it was like?


to manage in winds that hard it takes a design that's been tested in those conditions. If you ever get a chance check out a Necky Chatham16 for managability in high winds.

In Response to: WR18 paddling report by Steve in Ottawa on Jun 8, 2004