The Mae West PFD

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 8, 2004

Mac, I own a SOSpender Co2-inflatable PFD. It is what I wear when fishing, as I simply *will not wear a full-flotation type* -- I'll give up fishing first. But then, my angling grounds are almost always 3' deep or so, normally baking at a sweaty 110 degrees with no hope of shade, I'm in my super-stable Mill Creek 13 that I know and trust intimately, and I'm never far from shore. So yessir, I own and use one.

But I consider it useless for sea kayaking. You need the flotation the instant you hit the water, period... and believe me, I have hit the water a LOT lately. And WARM water at that! Imagine a sudden dunking in stuff that takes your breath away... No thanky ma'am.

Sea kayaks differ from every other boat I know of in one important respect: they are designed to INTERACT with the water, as opposed to keep you strictly OUT of it. In other words, any time you park your fanny in a sea yak, you had best be prepared to get wet, period. And since these fast little boats get you in water over your head so quickly, might wanna get prepared in advance.

I say go full flotation, or buy a Boston Whaler.

Cheers, Kurt

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