Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 8, 2004

Glad to hear you're safe, Kurt.

I think the PFDs can get hot, and the different models I've tried are only marginally cooler. I've take to scooping water and dripping it inside the PFD on hot days. Helps.

I was an ocean beach life guard in college for awhile. Can't say I'd recommend the profession, for no other reason than the parents who refused to put pfds on their kids. They would always argue the "little Johny can swim just fine in the pool." They couldn't grasp the facts that fatigue and current can sap a swimmer's energy in seconds. It was a chore dragging those exhausted kids out of the surf, only to find them back in later, exhausted again, and still without pfds. Sometime the parents would go up to one of the bars for a few drinks then come back to swim. It was a much heavier chore dragging them out.

Personnaly, I think pfds should be required for everyone in or on the water, period. But I'm sure I'll get arguments on that one.


In Response to: IDIOT PADDLING REPORT! by Kurt Maurer on Jun 7, 2004