Re: I'm a Believer NOW!

Posted by Mac on Jun 8, 2004


While we wait for Kurt's pictures, I did a search for inflateable PFD's. There are two companies which seem to meet Coast Guard standards, but I thought I'd see what y'all think of CO2-fired collars. They sit around the back of your neck and down the chest like a deflated horse collar. This, at least, leaves the back free and only seems to be about 1" thick on the front. There is a little "T" handle which you pull to inflate (I think there is also an automatic model which I hope goes off from water pressure, not dampness). About $75 gets the vest and about $10 refills it.

Is this the answer - the magic bullet- will it cost Kurt $10 a roll?

The answer may be evidenced by the fact that yak outfitters don't offer them.

Any experience(s)?

In Response to: I'm a Believer NOW! *NM* by Kurt Maurer on Jun 7, 2004