Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 7, 2004

"CLC, is there any way you could include entries from other countries?" (in the CLC Builder's Club)

Allan, Thank you for reminding us all once again that The Internet is a land *without borders*! Listening Ed and the gang at CLC??? Pretty decent question here, I'd say...

America LOVES people of different countries. We are, after all, (almost) organically MADE of them! (Yes, Red Man, I hear you, even though it hurts like hell itself to do it...) We ought to try to take care of folks the world over by sending them our FUN TOYS as much as it is possible, and maybe a little excess food and medicine to others where mere toys are too much of a luxury.

Ka-ching! Another $0.02, this time in metric dollars...

Cheers to Earth, Kurt

"The Earth does not belong to us; We belong to the Earth." - Chief Seattle

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