Re: drills and paints

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 7, 2004

Gray paint wouldn't show the grunge as much. Buff paint looks nice also. Mauve is definitely out right now. Carpeting is too Martha Stewart.

On the fuller bits, I have a set, but they were a gift. Unless you're using them a lot, they're an expensive frill. You can approximate their performance by:

drilling the hole to the depth of the screw with a standard, twist drill bit just smaller than the threaded part ot the screw. Tape the bit to ensure you don't go too deep, then

select a larger bit about the size of the unthreaded screw shank. Tape this bit so ensure you don't drill deeper than the shank and drill the hole again.

This method should give you a good, tight screw (no snickers, gentlemen).

Or you can take the lazier-than-a-fat-turtle-McAdams approach and use sheet metal screws instead of wood screws. Probably not as strong, but strong enough in my experienc. You only need one size bit to do the pilot hole and they're available in philips and square drive.

For heavier boat building, wood screws and fuller bits are a very good idea.


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