Re: Which CLC kayak to ch

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 7, 2004

"I do want something that's got enough initial stability to comfortably sit in..."

I can tell you one thing from recent experience: a boat's initial stability is a highly subjective thing! My Squeedunk Cormorant 16 was so tippy at first it was all I could do to keep from taking a dunking. Then I decided to give the fear of getting wet its own dunking, and get serious about learning to handle a spirited hull. I am here to report that today the Comorant is anything but tippy.

Here is a piece of advice I recommend you pay special attention to, based on what you stated as your criteria: "Get a boat you will grow into, not one that you will grow out of."

Having said that, my first boat was one that I grew out of (although it is still my preferred fishing boat), and it perhaps isn't such a bad way to learn. Just be prepared to build another boat within a year or two.

Other'n that, it's time for a crystal ball...

Tell ya one more thing: the Pax 20 will give you a workout, alright. Big Time. I don't know that I would want that rig as my only boat.

Cheers, Kurt

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