Which CLC kayak to choose

Posted by James on Jun 6, 2004

Hello everyone. I'm planning on building my first kit kayak, and I wanted some suggestions on which kit to choose.

I would use the boat mostly for workouts on flatwater, and would like to race occasionally. I also would like to take it on some of the smaller rivers around here and on overnights now and then.

Basically, 75% workouts on flatwater, 15% smaller rivers, 5% racing, 5% overnights/camping.

I love the look of the Pax 20, and I think it would be great for workouts and racing. May be a bit long for some of the smaller rivers around here? Anyone know how easy it is to maneuver?

I'm comfortable leaning a turn. I'm so-so with technique, but what I lack there I think I half-way make up with athleticism (and I'm learning).

Any suggestions would be fantastic. I'm looking forward to the project!