Re: Finally, she's wet!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 6, 2004

"Maybe a little polish or 409 or something."

Here's a handy-dandy "shop tip" for you: how 'bout another trip to the drink to clear (or at least, rearrange) those pesky watermarks?


I LOVE posts like this, whether I respond as such or not --- and I don't always, which is *a good thing* as I see it, for it means I hear of a lot of new guys launching a lot of new boats... a lot!

I guarantee, without even seeing it, that you have a *sweet boat* to get to know now. Never fear her, for a Chessy is gonna take care of your innocent butt in style, and I'll bet money I don't have on it! She can keep you as satisfyingly dry, or as wet, as you care to be, and either way you're gonna LOVE her!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Finally, she's wet! by Doug Judd on Jun 6, 2004