Finally, she's wet!

Posted by Doug Judd on Jun 6, 2004

The weather broke, we loaded the boats, and off to the Potomac. Jean splashed champagne all over "Pearl", a spur of the moment name choice, and the launch was on. Admirers (landlubbers, mostly) cheered, hurrahed and offered to take pictures.

The CH16 paddles like a dream, and I did NOT fall in. More stable than I anticipated even in today's less than ideal conditions. The river is running high and fast. Took us 45 minutes to paddle upstream to the channel cross-over and 10 minutes to come back down. I am whipped.

Yes, I dinged it here and there. So what, it's a boat...God, I hope it's OK. And I have a muddy ring half-way up the hull plus wine spots all over the deck. Maybe a little polish or 409 or something.

Thanks all! It was way too much fun!