Nose bubble @ O-fest

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 6, 2004

Just wanted to let you all know that I had to use the nose bubble trick for real yesterday at Okoumefest and that it actually works. There I was, face underwater, ear canals completely full, mouth shut tight and wondering if I was ever going to get into dry air again, but not getting any water up my nose.

And that was just the walk from the parking lot to the registration desk !!!

Actually, I managed to stay upright in all the boats, even the Pax 20. (That is one fast boat, but if you've never tried a racer before, it uses muscles you don't even know you had.)

We brought rain gear and managed to have a good time in spite of it all. And there were large restrooms where it was possible to change into dry clothes when we were done for the day. My wife (her first time at O-fest) was impressed with the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the boats.

Other than missing lunch (we got there at noon, decided to take advantage of a temporary lull in the rain to try some boats, and by the time we got back in it was all gone - hope you guys enjoyed our share oink oink), it was a lot of fun. We got to try all the boats we wanted and I think my wife's fallen in love with an LT17.

So if it rains again next year (hat trick!), grab a towel and a change of clothes and come out anyway. It'll be more fun than you think.


Environmental note:

High Island, which according to the chart page "juts high out of the water like a clay volcano" almost doesn't exist anymore. When I attended my first Okoumefest/stock 2 years ago it had trees and bushes. Today the trees are all gone. There is a patch of bushes sticking out of the water that would almost fit in my garage. The swan nest (which had a pair of swans and 1/2 dozen eggs the last couple of years) is still there, but abandoned. The goose nests are gone. Wonder if it'll be there next year.