BobE, or...?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 5, 2004

Bobby!! Do you mean to tell us you put your wife in a SEVERNE?!?! Boy, I can hardly wait to see what Dave Houser has to say about this, being as he paddles the Severne's daddy, the Yare (IIRC). Geez, she (Missus BobE) sounds like a real SPORT! Good for y'all -- although you never DID say how she likes it...

From what Mac said, I'm not so sure his Marj wishes to get into anything even remotely "sporty", and that boat (Severne) ought to be downright FUN.

I probably have the wrong view on every apsect of this question, but that's okay. I look forward to the real answers. Them's inter-resting boats. And I ain't scared of any of 'em either... I paddles a Cormorant, a boat that *likes wet butts*.

Cheers, Kurt

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