Re: rudder?

Posted by Rich P on Jun 4, 2004

You still need the double size rudder to turn the rig with the outriggers, though the handling did become easier once I added the furling genoa to the fore deck. The modifications I am doing now are relocating the control wires the lines to under the deck as much as possible to clean up the deck. You can't really change the rudder, even though it is big and ugly, it's still needed. I am thinking of changing the blade to carbon fiber to lessen the weight, but I would keep the same size. If I did another rig in the future I might consider widening the distance between the forward and rear aka's to give you a little more room for a paddle stroke and help steer the rig when landing. The other modification I did build in was to sweep the bow to match the same curve I have on the kayak. The vertical bow just didn't look right.

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