3/16" or 5mm

Posted by LeeG on Jun 4, 2004

that's the size I've been using,,I've seen Daggers with 1/8" line and it's not good,,the 4mm reflective line on most rotomolded kayaks is ok,,5mm or 3/16" is standard on most composite boats. 1/4" line can vary enough to look like some 3/16" or 5/16". It also matters whether the weave is a tight braid or a single braid as one can flatten out and give the grip of a wider line. If a 40lb kayak has 100lbs of water in it then It doesn't matter if it's got 1" braided line it'll be hard to hold onto. A light kayak full of water getting tumbled to shore isn't going to be held by anyone.

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