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Posted by Laszlo on Jun 4, 2004

Easiest way to learn the nose bubble trick is find a swimming pool that's deep enough to to do a headstand in. For your equipment, all you need is whatever clothing minimum decency laws require. In particular - no goggles, no noseclips, etc.

Start off by floating face down exhaling through your nose. Get used to the idea that water can't come in while air is going out. Practice metering your air. Reduce your exhalation to the minimum required to keep the water out. Eventually this will be zero.

Next is diving (in the snorkeling sense, not by jumping in head first) towards the bottom with your head down while continuously exhaling through your nose. Keep doing this until you're comfortable with the process, then again start reducing the amount of air you blow out.

Eventually, you'll find yourself not exhaling at all, but still having a dry nose (at least as dry as noses ever get, but I won't get into details - it'snot a nice topic).

Next, start doing somersaults while exhaling and again reduce the amount of air each time.

Finally, for your graduation exercise, you should be able to stand on your head in the pool without any water coming into your nose.

You will also be very comfortable with being underwater with your face submerged, your ears flooded, unable to see because your eyes are shut tight and turning and moving and finding the surface.

The usual warnings apply (be in good health, have a friend standing by, etc.) If you want to do this in a more controlled environment, SCUBA diving classes would be a good way to do this.

Anyone want to start a local chapter of the CLC Ass Upper Nose Bubblers?


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