There's a Natural Side

Posted by Mac on Jun 4, 2004

And of course an unnatural side. (That would be both sides for me right now). Unless we're fortunate enough to be ambidexterous, doing any activity can be hugely difficult t'other way. I'm known as an expert finger pickin' guitar player. Last Christmas I was asked to play a lefty's new guitar, and was just drunk enough ro try. Hoo boy.

I even note that with my early attempts at knee hangs, correcting strokes, sweeps and (gulp) braces, as soon as I think I'm smooth, I try south paw and wobble like a toddler.

Y'know Lee, even though I THINK I'm forward paddling evenly, there HAS to be SOME difference in the right vs left stroke.

I really think I'll wind up circumnavigating the globe - into the wind - waves from the left etc.

I'm RIGHT - can't be too Right! RIGHT?

Kurt, This is your Faaathurr - come to the dark side....

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