Re: Rule of Thumb?

Posted by LeeG on Jun 3, 2004

I can't ice skate worth beans,,when my nephew was 12 he said I "had no arm" when we were playing catch. I've got little horsepower when it comes to moving myself with a paddle compared to the average weekend warrior,,but this instruction thing has opened up the obvious pretty well. Paddling efficiently is a little like the transition between patting your head and rubbing your belly,,,then switching. Every stroke gives you the opportunity for forward movement, correction/steering and bracing/balance. Keep all your efforts around 60% and play with blade placement (the plant) BEFORE effort is exerted through relaxed hands (power) and ease up the effort BEFORE the release. Where you put the paddle and how you apply effort is more important than simply paddling harder on one side or the other. If you play with those three parts and see how they differ you'll start noticing the kayak will go where you want without using more effort. Save the effort for getting places,,not pointing in the right direction.

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