Re: WR180 Trip Report!!!!

Posted by George on Jun 3, 2004

Just a little "heads up" (actually, 'not'). After reading one of the above posts about rolling, specifically a Chessie 16, someone noted they were equally able to look up and see fish (inverted) as see birds. And that reminded me of a rather (maybe alarming) development I noted on last nights paddle. I mentioned paddling under the bridges; we also have pilings/ pillars, still in the water, left from an old bridge, no longer present. Lots (I mean loads) of cliff swallows build their nests on these pillars. I made the mistake of paddling very near where they have built their mud nests. It seems they're a little bit territorial this time of year; they hit the air enmasse (actually, en-mess), a cloud of 'em swooped over me, and, while gaping up at them (got that? eyes peeled skyward, mouth ajar), I quickly realized they were divebombing me. Well, actually, just bombing me. As my forward deck turned into the poopdeck, being a fast learner, I shut my mouth, averted my gaze, and paddled to a less inhabited area of the river. Luckily, I escaped unscathed, and maybe a bit wiser (maybe not; but that's another story)

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