Re: Chesapeake Double

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 3, 2004

I agree with Chris, the paint and varnish looks really nice together. For a boat as large as the double, you may want to make the paint strip 1" wide on the deck.

We've kayaked a heap in Maine. Wonderful kayaking. You guys may want to check out my posting earlier today under "Glass weave mess." It gives a description of how and why to install brass strips on the fore and aft keel area of your boat. Very handy things in Maine. It was the damage our boats suffered during a few weeks on Mt. Desert Is. that prompted me to install the brass strips.

Anyhow, I wish my HS let us build boats. All I got was four years of Latin and lots of other stuff I couldn't wait to forget.


In Response to: Chesapeake Double by Emmett Hodder on Jun 2, 2004