Re: Nanuck of the North

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 3, 2004

Kurt wrote

Isn't the state of our airlines shocking? Makes you want to wear a button that says "Blue side up" . :-)

Seriously, though, you can get by without noseclips just fine if you keep a bubble of air in your nose. Just almost but not quite exhale through your nose while you're underwater, and that'll set up a bubble that will prevent water from getting in. If the bubble slips out, just exhale slightly.

The amount of air involved is so small compared to what you need for breathing that even if you lose a few bubbles it won't affect your survival time. In fact, by keeping you from choking and coughing, it's a pretty major net increase in air.


In Response to: Nanuck of the North by Kurt Maurer on Jun 2, 2004