Re: Sail Rig

Posted by Rich P on Jun 2, 2004

20 to 30 minutes is a good estimate without any other factors. Unloading the kayak and rig from the car- add another 5 minutes, stopping to talk to the crowd that always gathers- add another 15 minutes, sorting out the lines and sheets because you didn't pack them away right, can't remember how they go, or just trying something new- add 10 minutes, nagging friends that complain your taking too long- add another 10 minutes. I usally try to allow an hour, and consider it similar to the estimated time to build the kayak. To answer the question, yes it can be done in 30 minutes, but it is optomistic. My rig is the current MKII kit available.

In Response to: Re: Sail Rig by Alan Mc on Jun 2, 2004