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Posted by Mac on Jun 2, 2004


It's too early in the day for the experts to weigh in, but they'll need more info and I'll ask on their behalf.

Are we talking decals or veneer onlay? The thickness of the art may have a lot to do with how and when it's applied.

Jumping ahead:

My 2 cents agrees that I wouldn't want mylar or film type decals interferring with the initial fiberglass to wood bond. But then - if using a decal - I'd also want the weave filled so the decal wouldn't pick up any cloth texture. It probably wouldn't matter with veneer, which I'd want on early in the process to take care of the edges. I'm pretty sure Christine Johnston etal glue their wood veneer onlays to the deck wood prior to glassing and discuss how to avoid a halo of little bubbles. (Try a search) The glass cloth takes care of the edge problem pretty well, but requires a careful and generous wetout.

I've got a whole big "box o veneer" from Lee Valley, and plan to do some experimenting over the summer with scraps of ply, fiberglass lass and epoxy so that I'll be ready for my next yak. Are you able to play before you pay?

Let us know how it goes - this is a whole dimension of kayak building for which there isn't a CLC publication or Zen tape. As Red Green says, "We're all in this together - I'm pullin" for ya."

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