Re: Sail Rig

Posted by Rich P on Jun 1, 2004

As a proud sail rig owner / builder, the eye bolts are directly under the crossarms or "aka's" drilled through the shear clamp. The forward set is just a few inches back from the forward bulkhead, well out of the paddle stroke. The aft set are behind the cockpit coaming about halfway to the rear hatch. This will probably interfere with the rear rigging, requiring a new layout. The exact spacing is determined by the bulkhead placement in the outrigger hulls, or "ama's". The cross arms are lashed to the eyebolts with short lengths of line. This provides a snug attachment that still has a little flex or give to it. You will need to drill a 1 1/2" hole in the top of the kayak for the mast just in front of the forward aka and mount a wood recieving block inside the cockpit. The block does not interfere with my feet at all. When not using the sail rig the hole is filled with a mahogany cork cleverly disguised as a compass & mount. The worst step (for appearance) is having to mount a huge rudder on the kayak, the sail rig doesn't turn well without it. With the rudder in the stowed position, the tendency to weathercock is dramatically increased. However, with a good crosswind, I will give up being a purist and start using the rudder. Dropping it in the water reduces the wind exposure and provides steering without having to break your power stroke. The sail rig is a lot of fun but does take time to set up and take down. I don't use it as often as I would like, in order to stay with the friends and groups I paddle with, but when I do take it out, it is a real blast.

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