Re: coats to seal under d

Posted by LeeG on May 29, 2004

dang,,forgot to answer Chris' question,,,yep,,Joe's need a couple. The problem with one coat is that although the wood is obviously wet the application isn't alway even, even when applied thickly. Also if the wood isn't lightly sanded some of the grain can lift up and provide a fuzzy surface that increases the surface area to provide avenues of water entry,,all it takes is a bunch of streaks of thin coating next to the thick streaks to allow the water in. To your eye it all looks sufficient but water finds hole smaller than your eye can discern. Go to and check out the epoxy test. The thing you'll start to notice is that multiple fill coats make for a longer lasting coating...same with multiple varnish coats,,,so the same happens with sealing coats for waterproofness. You can apply multiple thin coats and have better sealing than one thick coat using the same amount of 'poxy.

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