Re: Yea for Yare stretch

Posted by C. fronzek on May 28, 2004

Adam, I'm a "Yare" lover myself. I'd never been in a kayak when I first launched my "Yare". The learning curve for building and paddling this boat was kind of steep. If my feet weren't so big I'd be a lot more pleased with this boat. I'm still trying to come up with a seat that's only a half-inch thick and will keep my legs from going numb. I thought about a bigger "Yare" myself but had second thoughts because of something I read on this site years ago. If I remember correctly,Chris Kulczycki said that he went to a lot of trouble developing the Yare from its' predicessor "Skua". He built a pile of these hulls before he got one he concidered a success. In short, tortured ply is tougher to alter than the more common flat panel construction. I wish you luck. If you can stretch "Yare" it ought to fly. One thing I did concider also was a shorter version of "Pokomoke", It seems to be a lot more straight foreward. Charlie

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