One Final From Mac

Posted by Mac on May 27, 2004

Here's a hoot - I went nailess,with tape to see if I could - with all the little tricks - went great - looked great - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

THEN I added silicone bronze nails and rub rails 'cause I love the look of them. I could have done this SO much more easily, but being my first build (and it being February in Canada) I decided to try everything (I tend to fly without a net a lot - something to do with my advanced age). I can't resist tying out everything the experts on this forum suggest. Kurt, Dave(s), Lee(s), Terry, George, et al. have given me no end of advice and ideas to try. This is where I learned about all kinds of scrapers - the time I saved with them alone covered the extra deck time. Also fairing boards, javex bottle squeegees, paddle parks, rigging options etc. etc,

I believe if I lived where I could paddle year 'round, I probably would have bought plastic, and would have missed out on a wonderful, creative experience. (And all the fun of blathering away on this forum).

Have a great day, all.


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